What does Christmas mean to you?

Of course Christmas means it is Jesus’ birthday, but do you really think about it? We celebrate the birth of the One who came to this earth to die for us. For me it also symbolizes the meaning of fellowship with family. We get together and have a good time. My family is in Louisiana so we take road trip there every year. It’s not about all the gifts, even though some people make it out to be. People who don’t have Jesus in their life are celebrating Christmas because they want the presents that come along with it. I could care less about the presents. Christmas is a time for celebration. Celebration for the gift of salvation and the opportunity of fellowship.



My travel confessions

On the Luce

I’ve been travelling for almost 20 years now – and blogging about it for the last two. So when I get occasional emails from new bloggers or people planning their next trip, I love helping out and sharing my advice and experiences.

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